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Lesmurdie Warriors Netball Club Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the registration so long before the season starts?

Due to changes by Netball WA, we need to have players registered and teams nominated earlier. Therefore, we need players to be registered earlier. We appreciate your understanding.

How can I pay my registration fees?

Registration feese are paid online at the time of registering. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your fees, please contact our Treasurer at

Do I have to pay a fundraising levy?

Due to decreased opportunities to raise funds in the way we have in prior years, Warriors now has a fundraising levy built in to all our players fees. It is payable by all registering players.

What if I help with fundraising?

The committee will provide a couple of opportunities for players/families to assist us with fundraising during the season. Those who help out will be eligible to claim back the fundraising levy portion of their fees ($20). Details of these events and how to claim your refund will be sent out with the fundraising opportunity information.

What if I have more than one child, do I pay the fundraising levy for each child?

Each player pays the fundraising levy in 2022 as part of their player fees.

If I have more than one child can I claim more than one fundraising levy refund?

If you have more than one player in your family and your family assists with fundraising more than once (either several helpers at once or one helper on several occasions) you can claim a refund for an each helper, up to the total number of registered players in your family.

How are teams decided?

Once all registrations are in and the grading day has been held, the grading committee members will finalise the team lists. They will take into consideration players ages, skill, past teams, friend groups and special requests. We endeavour to have all players in the best possible team that is appropriate for them.

Can I make a request as to what team my player is in?

We are happy to receive requests from players in relation to what team they would like to play in. Please note that we try our best, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make all requests happen.

How are coaches selected and allocated to teams?

As a community-based club, our coaches are all volunteers. We aim to select coaches that align with our Codes of Conduct and allocate them to teams based on their experience and training. We also provide our coaches with training opportunities to ensure that they are adequately qualified to coach their team.

Can I coach a team or be a team manager?

If you are interested in coaching or helping out as a team manager, please contact our President, Kate Pustkuchen, at or send a message via the Facebook group.

When will I find out what team I am in?

Once all the teams are formed, the coaches of each team will contact the players to let them know details of training times and days and other information. This is likely to be in the last two weeks of March.

When do teams train and for how long?

Once the teams are formed and coaches allocated, the individual coaches and team managers will determine when the teams will train. They will contact players directly with this information prior to the commencement of pre-season training. Most teams either train at Ray Owen (on the outside courts), Walliston Primary School or at the Maida Vale courts.

When will we get fixtures?

KDNA will release fixtures a few weeks prior to the start of the season. We will then pass this information on to coaches and players. Weekly fixtures will also be posted on our Facebook page.

What time will games be?

Game times are determined by KDNA and until they release fixtures, we are unable to confirm game times. However, these are estimated times based on prior seasons: 4:15pm Friday afternoons, NET program 4:30pm Friday afternoons, SET games 8:00am & 9:30am Saturdays, GO teams and some younger Junior teams 11:15am Saturdays, Younger Junior teams 1:00pm, 2:30pm & 4:00pm Saturdays, Older Junior teams, Boys Division and Senior teams

Can boys play in LWNC teams?

Yes, they can. Please contact us regarding boys over the age of 12 for further information.

What do we need to pay for besides the season fees?

Each player is required to wear a uniform on game day so this is an additional cost. See the uniform section above for more information about prices. All other training equipment is provided by the club.

How do I order a uniform/club merchandise?

We will be taking orders for uniforms and merchandise at the Registration Night. You can also email your order to us; however, we prefer you come and try on the dresses before ordering as sizes are not standard. Uniforms will then be collectable in late March and April, see important dates.

Can I get my new jacket/hoodie/bag embroidered with my name?

Yes! We organise that for you. Just let us know your name when you order and we will get it sorted. This is included in the price of the item.

Can we buy second hand uniforms?

Yes, we have a small selection of second hand uniforms which will be available to try on and purchase at the registration night. First in, best dressed.

What can I do with my uniform I don't need anymore?

We will give you cash back for any good, used condition LWNC dresses that you no longer need. Please bring them to the registration night or contact us by email.

What do players wear to training?

Players are expected to wear appropriate training/fitness clothes and footwear (sneakers) to training. Please also bring a bottle of water! No jewellery should be worn to netball training.

I've just had my ears/nose/face pierced; can I leave the piecing in for games while it heals?

No, umpires will not allow players to take the court with piercings, even if they are covered by tape.

Can I wear gloves if I don't want to cut my fingernails?

No, umpires will not allow players to wear gloves on the court in Saturday Netball. Fingernails must be short and neat to take the court. KDNA have in the past issued a one-week exception in relation to gloves for players who are attending a school ball with false nails, please speak to the office staff if this applies to you.

I wear a medic alert bracelet; can I wear this on the court?

Please contact us if this is an issue for you, we may be able to apply to KDNA for an exemption under medical grounds to the no jewellery rules.

Can I wear a mouthguard while playing Netball?

Yes, mouthguards are fine.

Will my team play at carnivals?

There are several opportunities for teams to register and play in carnivals throughout the year. The individual team coaches and managers choose whether to enter these additional competitions. Please note that there is likely to be additional costs for players to participate in these carnivals, your season fees will not cover these. Speak to your coach if you have any questions about carnivals.

Will my team play on inside courts or outside courts?

Ray Owen has both inside and outside courts. KDNA set the fixtures and generally teams will play on both inside and outside courts throughout the season.

Do we need to help with scoring, timing, bringing fruit or umpiring on game days?

Each team needs to provide either a scorer or timer each week. Your coach or team manager will let you know if you are required to assist with this. Many teams work on a roster system. They may also request that you bring fruit or something similar to share. Umpires are provided by KDNA or Warriors.

Will outside games continue in bad weather?

KDNA have a weather policy in relation to determine whether games are called off in extreme conditions. Generally, games will not be cancelled because of rain, even if it is heavy. Games will be called off in the event that there is a lightning storm. The decision to cancel games will be made by KDNA on the day.

Is my player covered by insurance?

Part of your player fees goes towards insurance for players through Netball WA. You can find out more about this insurance and what it covers and how to make a claim at this website.

What happens if my player receives an injury during a game?

Your coach/team manager will deal with the issue in the first instance. Ice is available from the front office on request. You should also complete an incident report form which is available from the office in case there are any insurance consequences down the track.

I have an injury; do I need clearance to come back to play?

At the club's discretion, you may require clearance from a medical professional (GP, physiotherapist) for serious injuries.

How can I stay up to date with Warriors news and information?

Follow our Facebook page! All the latest information will be posted there including fixtures, photos and general club news. We will also send emails with some important updates throughout the season.

How can I contact the club if I have a question or complaint?

You can email us at or send us a Facebook message through our Facebook page. You can also seek out one of our committee members during games on Saturdays.

Can I call someone from Warriors on the phone with a query?

As our committee are all volunteers, most of whom also work and have families, we prefer that you send an email or Facebook message with your query. If necessary, we can then call you back at a convenient time.

What do I do if I am unhappy with something during a game?

Speak to your team manager or coach. They will then determine whether a committee member or KDNA official needs to be consulted. Under no circumstances should you approach any KDNA officials without consulting with your coach or team manager.

Will COVID-19 be an issue for community netball in 2022?

We don't know! However, should KDNA be required to bring in special rules and requirements, our players, officials and spectators will be expected to follow them with a smile on their face!

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