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Lesmurdie Warriors Netball Club Inc.

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Warriors welcomes everybody who wants to be involved in netball! Social games, competitive teams, coaching, umpiring, and skills based programs - there is something for everyone. Our teams participate in the Kalamunda Districts Netball Association (KDNA) Winter Season & Spring Netball as well as other special carnivals during the year. Games are played on Saturdays during the season, except for NET and SET which are played on Friday afternoons, at the Ray Owen Netball Centre, Gladys Road Lesmurdie.


Lesmurdie Warriors Netball Club Inc.



The NET Program, meticulously designed for young players aged 5-6 years old, goes beyond merely introducing netball – it aims to create a vibrant and engaging experience. By seamlessly blending skill-enhancing activities with a focus on understanding the game, our program provides a dynamic and safe environment for these budding athletes.


Pre-Primary & Year 1

In the SET program, our emphasis is on honing fundamental motor skills to lay a strong foundation for overall athletic development. Through carefully curated activities, they are able to begin to grasp the basics of netball.


Year 2 & 3

In the GO program, we take a deliberate step into the realm of netball-specific skills. By engaging in modified netball matches, participants delve into the intricacies of the sport.


Year 4 & 5

​Tailored for players with a passion for deepening their involvement in the sport, junior netball presents a unique and comprehensive season-long experience. It is designed to provide aspiring athletes with an opportunity to not only enhance their netball skills but also elevate their fitness levels in a structured and supportive environment.


Age 11 to 17

Our Senior Opens Comp not only provides the perfect avenue to stay fit but also offers a golden opportunity to expand on your current skill set. Joining us in staying at the peak of your fitness, sharpen your netball skills, and, most importantly, forge enduring friendships with like-minded individuals who share your passion for the game.


Age 18+

Ready for the challenge? Premier League is the apex of our netball offerings - a platform where elite teams and athletes unite. Beyond a league, it's a showcase of talent, strategy, and sportsmanship. Each match intensifies, pushing your limits and testing skills. Stepping onto the Premier League court means a dynamic contest where every move is a display of skill. If you're primed for the next level, join us in this journey where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life. Premier League awaits.


Under 17s & 18+

In the evolving sports scene, our boys and men are reshaping netball. Challenging stereotypes, they bring dynamic energy, showcasing skill and teamwork. Their graceful moves and impressive plays redefine the game, promoting inclusivity and breaking gender norms. In netball, everyone, regardless of gender, is welcomed on the court.

Boys & Men

All Ages



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